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Foreclosure Prevention Strategies 

The Contract

Deed In Lieu

Deed in lieu is considered a friendly foreclosure where the homeowner signs over the deed when the bank agrees to accept it without going through a lengthy foreclosure process. 

Private Property

Short Sales

Short sales is when the lender agrees to allow homeowners (s)  to sell the property for less than the balance owed. The lender(s) will have the final approval on the contract terms and sales conditions.

Happy Family

Loan Modification

For homeowners that desire to retain their homes may consider loan modification or loan forbearance as options to be approved by their lenders. We have partners to help you.

Positioning You to Rule

Let's Team Up to Get Started

Selling ...Let Our Exceptional Services Position You To Rule

Our Process:
Step 1: Contact Us 
Step 2: Hire Us

Sharp Judge Realty Group is experienced in providing  solutions to prevent foreclosure. The best way to know what we can do in your situation is to start with a consultation.

Sharp Judge Realty Group will determine if a solution can be provided by its firm or possibly referred to its partnering companies.

Consumer(s) will need to hire Sharp Judge Realty Group to provide additional services.

Flat Fee Service 
Limited Service
Full Service
  • Show a list of properties
  • Disclosure property's adverse issues
  • Keep confidentiality as required by law
  • Explain & complete all contracts, disclosures
  • Flat Fee Service Plus
  • Expanded Property Search
  • Complete CMA
  • Protect the Transaction
  • Coordinate closing and  appointments 
Starting at $500
Starting at 1.5%
Starting at 2.5%
  • Limited Service Plus
  • Negotiation strategies to your benefit
  • Protect your interest
  • Price & terms consulting
  • Educated & guided through the process
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